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Ceiling, wall or floor soundproofing and soundproof door

Yes! You can reduce the noise in your home or condo! Whether it’s the rumble of cars outside or footsteps from upstairs, there are a number of solutions available to improve the soundproofing of your property.

Ceiling soundproofing

Because sound travels through air, the openings in the ceiling allow noise from the upper floor to pass through. You can caulk these small openings to reduce noise transmission. Another solution you may consider is blowing cellulose – an effective and sound-absorbing insulation – directly into the ceiling.

Wall soundproofing

The general principle of soundproofing walls is to fill the cavities in order to slow down sound transmission. To that end, injecting cellulose or rock wool behind the partitions helps to suppress noise.

Floor soundproofing

Ideally, soundproofing the floors is an element that should be considered when building a new house or a condo building. A general contractor will install an acoustic membrane under the floor, which will serve as a sound screen between the different floors.

A simple solution for soundproofing a room (a home theatre in the basement, for example) is to lay carpet, which absorbs noise well – not to mention that it also makes the room cozier!

Soundproof door

Solid or padded doors provide better sound resistance. In fact, the Building Code recommends installing this type of door between an attached garage and the house for reasons of thermal resistance and safety.

You can install a solid door elsewhere in your home if you want to reduce noise from a specific room (a music room or home theatre, for example). We can help you select a door, as well as order and install it for you.

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